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Beginning Nov 7th 2015 our hours at Anytime Fitness are to be 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The training is open to Anytime Fitness members, unless one has previously trained with Musoken, Las Vegas

The Musoken Study Group, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, focuses on two japanese sword martial arts;
A traditional style of swordmanship that has its origens over 450 years ago when Hayashizaki Jensuke Shigenobu established his Ryū; and a modern style, Morinaga Ha Toyama Ryū, based on the sword methods of the Toyama Military Academy.
The seventh grand master of Hayashizaki's Ryū, was named Hasegawa Eishin. The school since became known by Eishin's name, because of his contributions to the system, and has passed down in our lineage as Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryū Iaijutsu. Many other Ryū Ha have their beginnings in the Hayashizaki Ryū.
Our group focuses on: standing variations of the traditional Shoden (Omori) waza, standing versions of the Chuden (Eishin) waza, and the Okuden (Hayashizaki) Tachi waza; Batto Ho; and the Toyama Ryū system. The standing Chuden waza also contains variations of the Okuden Suwari waza. We also practice some Oho Ha Itto Ryū Kenjutsu kata.

Larry Morton, founder of Musoken, at Gasshuku in Bakersfield, Dec 2007

The ultimate purpose of this site is the furtherance of Iai. The goal is to encourage artists to seek "Muso Ken" considering the sword, mind and body to be one. For the goal of all martial arts is excellence of mind, body, and, spirit.

The study group is led by Larry Morton and Marian Morton, both of whom are ranked Sandan in Toyama Ryū Iaido and Nidan in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryū Iaijutsu.
Members of the study group are encouraged to be members of the Toyama Ryū Iaido Kai. As members, iaidoka can receive internationally recognized ranking as they progress through the levels of training leading to becoming yudansha.

The Musoken Study Group currently meets at the Anytime Fitness located at 5635 E Charleston Blvd. We gather at 3pm and depart at 4:00pm on Saturdays. Participants must be over 12 years of age and if not a member of Anytime Fitness, must be prior Musoken participants and sign in as guests. Members of Anytime Fitness must use their member's key to check in. Please contact Larry Morton ( 702 204 7438) prior to joining the group so we can know to expect you.

Larry Morton also leads a Samurai Sword Class focusing on the forms of Morinaga Ha Toyama Ryū, as taught by the Toyama Ryū Iaido Kai,  and the Batto Ho forms of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryū and related Kumitachi at the:

Robert "Bob" Price Recreation Center

At 2050 Bonnie Ln, Las Vegas, NV
on the north east corner of the intersection of Bonnie Ln and E. Lake Mead Bl

Phone: (702) 455-7600

Thursdays from 6PM - 7PM